Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Start

So they say.

To me it doesn't feel an awful lot different. Just that my body feels like it's taken a lot more damage since last year, I feel so much more middle age than I've ever done (I will explain), and just emotionally exhausted.

I'm not entirely sure what my New Year's Resolutions are. I'm not sure I want to make any. I know where I want to be and what to do to get there. So I guess the only two things I will advise myself for this year is to a) never take my eyes off my goal and b) never lose my sense of self.

I've had a very good weekend thanks to Tashy and her family. It's nice to take a break from here once in a while and I think visiting Tashy was exactly what I needed. New Year's Eve was spent getting ready and incredibly drunk before we headed out to central London to realise that we had no chance of entering the clubs which were asking for £40 entry fee minimum. We then watched the fireworks on the big screen in Trafalgar Square in the company of two gentlemen snorting some sort of illegal substance or other. Politely declined when they offered and then started heading home. Meeting a band of increasingly drunk Polish people for whom the novelty of shouting 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' out of the tube doors every time they opened never seemed to waiver. It was indeed an eventful New Year's Eve.

New Year's Day was spent unhungover, headed out into Kingston to do a spot of shopping before going to see Tron in 3D. Tashy and I discovered how middle aged we actually were when we went into a department store and wanted everything from Smeg fridges to coffee machines to clocks to bedlinen... etc.etc. Although, the desire of obtaining the bedlinen and towels was mainly me and I blame the fact I used to work in the bedlinen and towel section of a department store.
Tron was epic. Absolutely epic. Brilliant graphics, thrilling (enough) plot, believable acting - especially from the main character and an amazingly soundtrack from Daft Punk. Although it did channel Stars Wars a bit.

My friend James is doing a 365 project where he's taking a photo everyday for the next 365 days. And today's picture is a very nice photo of him.
Here's a photo of me and how I look like today, at the start of 2011.

Because you never know, I might have a face full of tattoos this time next year in 2012...

Footnote: The background picture is indeed my own. It's the sunset of a beach in Newquay (I forget which) in 2009

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