Monday, 24 January 2011

Back to Life

So after three consecutive nights of heavy drinking, each one resulting in more... interesting antics than the last, term starts again with an amazing start. I miss my first lecture of the year. Well done Louisa. Haha. Luckily they're only introductory usually the first ones and this one is an overview of the module and the mental disorders we're covering the medication for. So overall not too bad. Although, heavy workload for the rest of the week. 7 hour lab tomorrow with a seminar scheduled in the middle. How are we even supposed to do that? Split ourselves in two? I almost slightly felt like Hermione in the third HP book where she has that time-turner thingymijig. But of course I'm not that cool.

Also was incredibly horrified at something I only realised this morning and my stupidity for realising it this late. I changed course from Medical Science to Pharmacology last year and up until now I've had the same modules as all my Medical Science friends but this term we all have different ones and I only realised this morning that I won't have my normal lab partner (who despite being small and annoying, is actually quite useful and we work well together in labs). It was a sad sad moment. Ah well. Making new friends time!

My washing machine keeps turning itself off. FUCK YOU WASHING MACHINE! Despite being a student, the novelty of having clean clothes every so often hasn't worn off yet.

I also have a new love. Taramasalata. Mmmmm. So fishily goooood. At the moment I have a weird thing for taramasalata spread on bread like jam and a runny poached egg on top in the morning. As weird as it sounds, it's fucking immense.

I have a workbook to complete for Wednesday. Woop woop... My tutorials sound interesting... And horrific at the same time...

And so, life begins again.

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