Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pack Up, Get Gone

Right, so that's me packed. A medium sized (which is on the large size) suitcase and a travel bag. And for a one-way journey to Tunbridge Wells is a large bag of clothes I don't want any more that I'm handing over to Hana. I'm currently hoping some kind soul will give me a lift into Tunbridge Wells. I doubt it. But it's nice to hope.

Also at the moment debating whether to take my lolita costume with me to university. Oh the fun I could have! Hahahaha. I'm definitely taking the hat with me. It's cute. So are the cuffs.

Right, after flouncing around in it for quite a while, I've somehow managed to squeeze it into my suitcase. I was talking to the suitcase whilst doing it. 'Do it for me... This is good! There are times in life where we need to overstretch ourselves... in your case it's not so much of a metaphor. But it's only when we overstretch ourselves that we know where our true limits are!'. It worked like a dream. The suitcase is now waiting sleepily in the corner. Somewhat like I was after I stuffed myself on Christmas Day.

Right buses and trains which are my obstacle and carriers to Leeds. Let's make it a good one.

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