Friday, 28 January 2011

Moving again.

Unfortunately after some consideration, I've decided to move to tumblr. There's nothing wrong with blogger/blogspot. It just didn't offer me what I needed. So now you can find me and my posts at:

Salutations and good luck.

I'm no superman.

I don't want to be. I mean, who wants to prance around saving the world in a red and blue lycra suit? For one, it's tacky and two, I'd prefer to be a little more discreet. More catwoman's costume than superman's.

But if I could have one super power I'd choose to be able to split myself into infinite versions of myself. It would make life so much easier. I'd be able to get so much work done whilst getting enough sleep, getting enough money AND getting enough partying in. I'd also be able to be with more than one guy. Not in a polygamous sense or a cheating sense. I wouldn't swap my versions around. Do you ever get that? Been with someone who makes you totally happy safe and everything but still am ridiculously curious about how it would be with another person? I blame it on the fact I'm still only 20. It's not a particularly wise age. I'd hardly say I've settled down.

I know for a fact I like what I have and wouldn't risk it. But I also am a little horrified at the possibility that that's it. I'm never going to be with anyone else. Part of me doesn't mind as such. I want to end up with him anyway. But at the end of the day I don't really have much experience with guys and I know it's not majorly important but I don't want to be one of those people who are in their 40s, and find that they've missed out on what they should've done 20 years ago. Sometimes life is just hard.

He is making me think of all the things I didn't really think I would think of though. It's not me at all. I've never been one of those girls that plan their weddings as a child or even write their names with their crushes surname. I laugh at those type of girls. But if he could see in my head some of the thoughts I've had recently, I'm sure he'd run a mile. I would. Especially when it comes to the children part. I used to want kids. Nowadays, not so much and he's not keen on them either. But when I'm with him I can't help but just think how beautiful our babies are or whatever. It's really creepy. WHO AM I TURNING INTO???

I'm actually horrifying myself. I'm too young to be feeling like this.

On a more realistic note. I'm off to Birmingham in a few hours. Yaaay! And so begins the epic weekend. =] I cannot wait. My bag's are packed, somewhat. My life is somewhat in order. Now all that's left is just to make me feel a bit more in order. Bath time? At 1.30pm? I sure think so.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Life Today

Yesterday was really tiring. Solid 9-5, got home, cooked chilli, rested for a short time and then did tutorial until 1am just so it was done for today. I have been productive though. I've also now done a covering letter. Just need Tashy to look at it now and then I can send it off and feel better for having done one more placement application.

I can't believe it's Thursday tomorrow. It feels like the last week has just been a blur.

Planned a date with him next weekend. I can't wait. =]

Although every part of me knows I could do with weekend being free, I'm very excited about going down to Birmingham. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I get to see my best friend Hana and then see James on Saturday. Watch this space for photos we're doing. Or supposedly. I hope I don't bring down a big bag of odd items of clothing for nothing. Hahaha. I doubt it.

Tomorrow is my emptiest day, having only a lecture at 9 and then nothing for the rest of the day. I'm so tempted to not go. The lecture isn't even that great... No! You must be a good girl Louisa! 100% attendance this semester remember!

Writing up Jitsu minutes... Fun times. It better look good on my CV. POW!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Back to Life

So after three consecutive nights of heavy drinking, each one resulting in more... interesting antics than the last, term starts again with an amazing start. I miss my first lecture of the year. Well done Louisa. Haha. Luckily they're only introductory usually the first ones and this one is an overview of the module and the mental disorders we're covering the medication for. So overall not too bad. Although, heavy workload for the rest of the week. 7 hour lab tomorrow with a seminar scheduled in the middle. How are we even supposed to do that? Split ourselves in two? I almost slightly felt like Hermione in the third HP book where she has that time-turner thingymijig. But of course I'm not that cool.

Also was incredibly horrified at something I only realised this morning and my stupidity for realising it this late. I changed course from Medical Science to Pharmacology last year and up until now I've had the same modules as all my Medical Science friends but this term we all have different ones and I only realised this morning that I won't have my normal lab partner (who despite being small and annoying, is actually quite useful and we work well together in labs). It was a sad sad moment. Ah well. Making new friends time!

My washing machine keeps turning itself off. FUCK YOU WASHING MACHINE! Despite being a student, the novelty of having clean clothes every so often hasn't worn off yet.

I also have a new love. Taramasalata. Mmmmm. So fishily goooood. At the moment I have a weird thing for taramasalata spread on bread like jam and a runny poached egg on top in the morning. As weird as it sounds, it's fucking immense.

I have a workbook to complete for Wednesday. Woop woop... My tutorials sound interesting... And horrific at the same time...

And so, life begins again.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Drunken Drunkard

I've started on the vodka already. On pretty much an empty stomach. Dinner's in the oven. Tonight is going to be epic.
I'm going to be drunkedy drunk drunk!!! Woop!

Monday, 17 January 2011


As of 10.52 this morning, my exams are OVER! AND I have a whole week off before lectures begin. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I even bought myself a new camera as a reward cos my old one had been dropped too many times and now is all blurry (it's also a crappy Japanese make). So now, I have a nice shiny new Kodak that takes beautiful photos and actually makes me look good in photos which is always nice.

Here are a few:

^ Here's me today ^

^ Here's me with my new fit camera (that also matched my laptop) ^

^ And here's some sake I have in my room. Mmmmm. ^

Had a fantastic chat with James today. Just sending each other pictures of hot female celebrities. Maybe it's the fact I've only had 5 hours sleep, or just simply because I like seeing hot girls, but that was fun. Hehe.

Jitsu tonight... Woo... Let's KICK ASS!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Can't catch a break

Exam on Friday went quite good. After 4 hours sleep (sleep deprivation), I spent the rest of the day in an impeccable mood. It was a lovely day.

I'm still sleep deprived. The guy I love, who finally loves me back, but I can't be with at the moment (it's complicated - I never realised how complex relationships could be) is going to be moving away soon. To be fair, when we were still together, he told me his plans were to move away by January. But still. It's always hard. And he's one of my best friends. Who I talk to when I'm upset. I'm at ease when I'm with him, happy, secure and I miss like crazy when I'm not with him.

I just can't catch a break.

Sometimes, too often actually, I find myself wishing I was older. I like to think I'm mature for my age. And it just doesn't feel right occasionally only being two decades old. Ah well, it all comes in time doesn't it?

Right. One more day of revision, and one more exam. Goodo.